Dead End Kid

by Hollow

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OLR - 002


released July 2, 2012

Thomas Jackson - Vocals
Oscar Gomez - Drums
Jon Williams - Guitar
Fick - Bass



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Outlast Records Pomona, California

hardcore label out of Pomona, CA.

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Track Name: Hollow - Dead End Kid
These sinking thoughts they rot my brain. Slowly driving me insane.
This world of shit is not for me. Want nothing more than to just be free.
Free of the pain, the doubt and the shame. That cloud my mind every fuckin day. Can't catch a break or even out.
no end in sight no easy way out.
Why the fuck am I like this
When the fuck did I lose myself
I wont see better days
My Life is a blurry haze
Of melting days and sleepless nights
Nothing in this world is right
I'm just Another
dead end kid
Track Name: Hollow - Bloodbath
Always an asshole and it never fails Trying my hardest
but it gets me nowhere I'm
Stuck everyday in my own mental hell Drowned in self doubt when conversations fail
Can't communicate to save myself
I'm No good to me or anyone else
It Feels like a noose is slowly tightening itself when day after day I lose all hope in myself
Lost and confused I'm stuck in this rut Never getting out because
I don't Give a fuck about anything anymore so tell me where do I go from here I can't keep hiding from all of my fears why do I keep lying to myself still feels like the noose is tightening itself still no hope in myself
Still feel so Lost
Still fucking confused
Track Name: Hollow - It's Not A Joke
I can't see what you see because I'm not living on my knees your faith your god make no sense at all you're praying every night to an empty sky
all u believe are fucking bullshit lies (2x)
There is Not a single thought in your head that you formed for yourself
I wont accept the truth read from your pointless book verse after verse
Nothing but nonsense and fairy tales
in my eyes you're all deceitful crooks
all you are to me is a fraud hiding behind your fake morality
exploiting those who can't think for themselves using fear to fill your greedy pockets so
go ahead and judge me because you know what
I'll see you in hell
Track Name: Hollow - Wrecking Crew
Can't clear my head or calm my nerves wont be buried alive by your fucking words of ignorant shit spouted at random your misguided views I can not stand them your heads on backwards can't tell which way is up your time here is fucking threw
i hope you know we're fucking coming for you
We're coming for you
there's nowhere to hide from THE WRECKING CREW
Watch your back we're fuckin comin for you