by Runamuk



OLR - 014


released August 18, 2015


Recorded by Fabian at 993k Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Dean Baltulonis at The Wild Arctic Studios

Album Art by Chad Lawson (IG: thevanishingpoint)



all rights reserved


Outlast Records Pomona, California

hardcore label out of Pomona, CA.

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Track Name: World Collapse
Shaken from the tree just to land and break
All of us were born to swim or to sink.
With your faith and politics aside
In the end we all just live to die.
Track Name: Chained
This world in which we live.
Means more to kill than to forgive.
Point the finger and start to speak.
All I hear is a name that means nothing to me.
When will We truly be free
Of these rusted chains?
When will it be time for humanity
To ever see a change?

Not one of us is the same.
If we were, the world would be mundane
They continue to shame diversity
Whether outside or inside of me.
I'll never need your prejudiced view
Shut your mouth. Your logic is skewed
My skin or my belief
Will never be a defining factor of me.

What religion would you like to believe?
No matter what, you're being deceived.
Free thought considered blasphemy.
I believe in myself. My mind remains free.

When will We truly be free
Of these rusted chains?
When will it be time for humanity
To ever see a change?
My mind may remain free
But there's still the reality.
Of the image you've stapled
To those like me. Those who think free.

Break free from the rusted chains.

It's a part of the game they'll continue to play.
Until you break free from the rusted chains.
Track Name: Shedding Skin
I can see through your shedding skin.
Nothing fools me about the image you give
I'm sick of your shit. I've had enough.
It's about time somebody called your bluff.
Can't seem to figure out where you stand.
Constant switch up of your circle of friends.
It's a wonder why you get no respect.
From the people you constantly stab in the back.

You're just a snake shedding its skin.
Change your belief just to fit in.
You have no will. All you have is a way.
To fit in with the crowd just to play your game.
I'm sick of meeting someone new.
Every single time that I talk to you.
Maybe I'm just a dying breed.
At least I know you won't fool me.

*It's gets old, the shit you do.
*But to me you're nothing new.
Every time, I stare as I pass by.
You can't look me in the eyes.
The fakeness in you isn't hard to see.
You're too easy to read. High transparency.

You're too easy to read. High transparency.
At least I know you'll never fool me.

And as I walk in this life,
I'll keep my eyes peeled for your kind.
You're too easy to read. High transparency.
At least I know you'll never fool me.

You'll never fool me.
Track Name: Mental Health
I face the mirror day to day, wondering if I can make the reflection go away, its sad to say, thats its you who made me what im today,

stuck in the streets, cant even sleep, you did this to me, I pray to the gods that they answer my prayers, kill me.

I want to hurt myself, and inflict the pain on the soul of someone else, I want to watch you cry, every tear you shed makes me feel alive,

Stuck inside my mind becuz alone I lack a friend in the end if there's an afterlife I never want to live again.

Take a look at yourself, tell me what you see, what I see in my reflection is not ok with me,
Save me from myself, save me from my mental health
Track Name: License 2 Kill
How can I walk down the city streets
Without the fear of corruption caused by the police?
Standing by your badge to have a license to kill.
Holding down the innocent against their will.
You have nothing to say.
When you look into the eyes of families that have begged
For the hammer of justice to reign onto you.
But all you get is a slap on the wrist.

How is that justice?
The reality that you refuse to see
Is never showcased on your TV.

Why trust a source that is paid to lie to you?
Why should I ever trust the boys in blue?
No respect for corrupted police.
No tolerance for bigotry in the streets.
What is unfair to you and I
is the justice we see for those who have died
In the name of the law that was enforced in vain
Pouring our lives strait down the drain.

How the fuck do I walk down the street while keeping my mind on track?
I know you won't be protecting me. Only point the barrel at my back.

Sit back and watch the world collapse.
By cowards with the right in the name of the badge.
Swear by the bible, gain the license to kill.
As God has taken back our free will.

In the name of the law that was enforced in vain
Pouring our lives strait down the drain.
Track Name: No Belief
All of my life I've been tested and tried.
And without god, I've been just fine.
My happiness is hard enough to achieve.
why should I make it a need to believe?

Countless times I've called for help.
You have left me to myself.
This book of lies has turned me away.
From the righteous path, I've gone astray.

So. Why should I feel that I need to pray to god?
When in the end he's only been a fraud.
Pointless words on paper that should be burned, buried and forgotten.

Fuck god.
For abandoning me.
Trust in myself.
I have no belief.
Track Name: Absence
*hard times and nothings changed.
*Gods absence is nothing strange.
*For better times in which we pray.
*Until it all ends when we decay.
*Cold and alone, we were born to expire.
*Only to see an afterlife of fire.
*No fire in hell could burn me worse
*That the pain that I feel on this godless earth.

Time heals nothing.
We're lied to day by day.
Wandering this world with no display
Of a god in a god-forsaken place.
I hope you hear me
As I scream at the sky.
My prayers remain unanswered.
Until the day I die.

Kneeling before an absent king
Judged by what you think he sees in me.
Hypocrites. every single one.
Followers of the forsaken son.
Evil is humanity.
Evil is greed.
Evil is the religion that you've been force feeding me

Lied to from birth that God watches over us.
What a waste of time to give absence my trust.
To sit in the pews and listen to the priest.
Never see a miracle from God in the least.

*There's no wound that time can heal.
*only thing permanents the pain that I feel.
*Look to the sky for an answer I'll never get.
*Until I'm 6 feet deep, laid to rest.

Abandoned. After screams for you,
Lack of answers leads me to the truth.